Medication Assisted Recovery

Medication Assisted Recovery is an outpatient program for individuals requiring detoxification from substances with many of the benefits of inpatient detoxification but in a less-restrictive, cost-effective environment.

Ambulatory Withdrawal Management is provided in our state licensed Ambulatory Detoxification with Extended on-site Monitoring Programs in Slidell, Metairie and Baton Rouge.

After a comprehensive evaluation, ACER’s dedicated admissions team makes a treatment recommendation to the referral. The intent and design of treatment are to create a transition from active addiction to Medication Assisted Therapy for withdrawal management. This program has two major components.


Medication Assisted Recovery

Medication Assisted Therapy

The medication-assisted component is designed to provide clients with a safe medical detoxification regimen.  The primary goal is the mitigation of withdrawal symptoms and safe transition into a sustained recovery program. Medication is prescribed to meet the unique needs of each person including co-occurring disorders.

Louisiana Medication Assisted Recovery


The counseling component is designed to provide emotional support, as well as education on addiction and the development of skills necessary to live an addiction-free lifestyle. Each client participates in an individualized treatment plan that includes therapy, treatment planning,  and medication management sessions. These sessions focus on interpersonal and familial issues as well as social and problem-solving skills development.


We accepts referrals from community agencies, behavioral healthcare professionals, court-related agencies, physicians, or any other agency. Persons referred from these sources must meet admission criteria and demonstrate a desire for treatment.