Educational Programs

ACER is a court-approved education provider in most parishes surrounding the greater New Orleans area.  We offer educational classes for substance use that are designed for individual who have committed substance-related offenses.


This 6-8 week program consists of weekly group education sessions centered around topics of substance use and abuse.  Many clients are referred for these sessions due to a DUI/DWI/1st offense possession offense needing to meet court educational requirements, however, clients may be referred from other community agencies, family, friends, self-referred and/or other healthcare professionals. Urine drug screens are conducted randomly throughout program as necessary or required by the referring entity.

Topics addressed in Substance Use Education program
  1. Pharmacology (How drugs and alcohol affect the brain.)
  2. Blood Alcohol Level and What is Chemical Dependency
  3. The Cost of My Offense
  4. Triggers and Cravings
  5. DUI 1st Offense video and Laws on Repeated Offenses
  6. Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy

Please bring picture identification and a copy of the court papers stating which offense/class you are needing to attend.