Free Rapid Screen

ACER recognizes the urgency  clients face as they work to begin a treatment program.   Our dedicated admissions department is available for same day Rapid Screens for new referrals.  We do everything possible to minimize time  between phone call or visit and admission.  Additionally, we maintain a  current resource for matching all referrals with appropriate resources.


ACER accepts referrals from community agencies, behavioral healthcare professionals, court-related agencies, physicians, or any other agency. Persons referred from these sources must meet admission criteria and demonstrate a desire for treatment.


After checking in with the receptionist, you will be asked to fill out several forms. These forms ask for your name, address, and other demographic information. After you fill out the forms, the assessor will come to the waiting room to greet you and take you to his or her office.

The assessor will ask questions regarding why you decided to come for counseling as well as other questions that may help him or her better understand who you are and how ACER can best help you.  It is common to feel a little nervous and self-conscious during your first appointment.

Upon completion of the assessment, you and the assessor will discuss treatment options available to you and coordinate follow-up appointments.