Pregnant Women

Compassionate care for expecting mothers who suffer with the treatable illness of addiction.

ACER is the only treatment facility that provides comprehensive outpatient addictions treatment for pregnant women on the gulf coast. WE are acutely aware of the impact that substance abuse has during pregnancy and the potential problems for the unborn child and mother. At ACER, we are eager to embrace pregnant women seeking help.

Program Overview
We assist women in having a healthy pregnancy and provide support postpartum for long-term abstinence and recovery maintenance. Participation in this program not only helps the mother, but improves the outcomes for her child. We combine multiple treatment components including medication-assisted treatment, coordinated care with the OB/GYN, and counseling



Who Qualifies?

We embrace pregnant women who are interested in the treatment of the disease of addiction. We welcome adult women at any stage of pregnancy. If you are currently using opiates, abusing medications or illicit drugs, concerned about Child Protective Services involvement, or fearful of talking to your doctor about your opiate use, you may be a candidate for this program.


Cost of Treatment

The program is affordable and intended for persons of all levels of socio-economic status. Insurance is accepted, including Medicaid. Financial assistance is available for qualified individuals.

Pregnant Women Addiction Recovery

Get Help Now

We provide pregnant women priority access to treatment. We are sensitive to the judgment a pregnant woman faces and her fears regarding treatment. We provide accepting nonjudgmental help. Call us today and we will quickly schedule a confidential free RAPID ASSESSMENT.